How to Set and Achieve Your Trading Goals Seminar

Speaker: Vinita Ramtri

Having clear goals is an essential part of life. They give us something specific to aim for and a reason to celebrate when we achieve them. This applies to trading as much as it does to life.

In trading, it’s critical that we set out a clear strategy and small goals so that we can stay focussed as we work towards them. Having clear goals tailored to suit our unique style can also help us stay motivated as we learn from our mistakes and shake off the knocks, which are an inevitable part of every trader’s journey to profit.

We attended this workshop to learn how we can set, monitor, and achieve our goals through clarity of thought, deliberate practice, and simple yet powerful processes.

Perhaps everyone in this world wants to be successful! So what sets us apart from the others is not just a desire to succeed but our ability to set clear goals and then act upon them, over and over, often in the face of adversity.

We visited this session to learn how we can transform our dreams into real tangible goals and achievements.


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