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Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose to study with us:

  • A qualified instructor will accompany you at all stages of the course.
  • Help will come as quickly as possible if you have any technical difficulties.
  • You don’t take a pig in a poke! The course has a large number of positive reviews from buyers.
  • The knowledge presented in the courses is universal for any market and timeframes.
  • Even if you have not previously traded on the stock exchange, our courses will allow you to make the right start in trading.
  • We constantly learn, visit various trading conferences, and improve our skills to offer our students the best products in the education field.

All you need is motivation, a good internet connection, and a computer or smartphone to start taking the course. All classes are held on the same user-friendly platform.

Select the desired training in the “Plans” section to get started. Next, you pay for the course, after which you register on our website to access classes in your personal account.

Our lessons provide for three different levels of students:

Framework Plan:
For novice traders, self-taught traders, and those who want to structure their knowledge and not drain the deposit anymore.

Stoutness Plan:
For practising traders who do not have a trading strategy and competent risk management and, as a result, there is no stable monthly profit. Still, there is a desire to become a professional and grow.

Blowout Plan:
For experienced traders who understand technical analysis, risk management, and psychology but simultaneously make chronic mistakes. For those who are tired of marking time, ready to work on themselves, and need a breakthrough.

Students have access to materials for one year (12 months).

Each course has a different number of lessons depending on the level of the student and the plan they have chosen (Framework, Stoutness, or Blowout Plan). The course duration is individual since you can always stop and review the class again. No one pushes you. Also, you can always take a test on our website in the “Quiz” section.

Since all lessons are available 24/7 during your membership period, you organise your own schedule for watching video lessons.

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