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For novice traders, self-taught traders, and those who want to structure their knowledge and not drain the deposit anymore.

  • Explore cryptocurrency trading platforms.
  • Find key trend reversal points.
  • See the global direction of the entire market.
  • Trade by levels.
  • Limit your trading risks.
  • Choose coins to trade.
  • Fundamental and practical knowledge about crypto trading.
  • Tools for selecting coins for trading.
  • Three styles of investing
  • Understanding of all market segments
  • Coins and directions to follow and invest

Basic Forex Education

  1. Why trade Forex
  2. When to trade Forex
  3. Trading terminology or where am I going long
  4. How to trade with leverage
  5. What’s a PIP
  6. How to place a trade in Forex
  7. Types of Forex orders
  8. Technical analysis in Forex
  9. Fundamental analysis in Forex
  10. Types of Forex charts
  11. Support and resistance in Forex
  12. Trendlines


Fibonacci Basics

  1. Fibonacci. Introduction
  2. Forex Fibonacci extensions
  3. Forex Fibonacci fan and arcs
  4. Forex combining Fibonacci with other technical analysis tools

Understanding Candlesticks

  1. Candlesticks. Introduction
  2. Doji candlestick in Forex
  3. Marubozu candlestick in Forex
  4. Hammer and hanging man candlesticks
  5. Shooting star and inverted hammer candlesticks
  6. Bullish piercing pattern
  7. Dark cloud cover pattern
  8. Bullish and bearish engulfing patterns
  9. Tweezer tops and bottoms
  10. Morning and evening star patterns
  11. Three white soldiers and three black crows patterns
  12. Three inside-up and three inside-down patterns
  13. Rising and falling three methods


Chart Formation Patterns

  1. Forex double top and double bottom patterns
  2. Forex head and shoulders pattern
  3. Forex inverse head and shoulders pattern
  4. Forex bull flag formation patterns
  5. Forex bear flag patterns
  6. Forex bullish and bearish pennant formation
  7. Forex falling wedge pattern
  8. Forex ascending and descending triangle formations
  9. Forex symmetrical triangle pattern
  10. Forex box range
  11. Forex cup and handle formation pattern
  12. Forex inverse cup and handle pattern
  13. Forex rising wedge pattern

For practising traders who do not have a trading strategy and competent risk management and, as a result, there is no stable monthly profit. Still, there is a desire to become a professional and grow.

  • Understand all the nuances of the technical analysis of cryptocurrencies.
  • Develop profitable strategies.
  • Find promising assets.
  • Manage risks and reduce the likelihood of losing a deposit.
  • Realise market psychology and control emotions.
  • Manage portfolio effectively in the long term.
  • Fundamental and practical knowledge about crypto trading.
  • Tools for selecting coins for trading.
  • Basic technical analysis skills for medium-term trading.
  • Effective risk management skills for managing transactions and deposits.
  • Transaction algorithm and error analysis.
  • Communication with like-minded people and the teacher after graduation.

Forex Indicators

  1. Forex indicators. Introduction
  2. Forex RSI stochastic oscillator
  3. Forex ATR average true range
  4. Forex moving average
  5. Forex moving average convergence divergence MACD
  6. Forex average directional index ADX
  7. Forex bollinger bands
  8. Forex parabolic SAR
  9. Forex Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
  10. Forex pivot points


Timing in Forex

  1. Timing your entries when trading Forex
  2. Timing your exits when trading Forex



  1. Getting started with MT4
  2. Market watch basics
  3. Chart window basics
  4. Terminal window basics. Part 1
  5. Terminal window basics. Part 2
  6. Navigator window basics
  7. Placing orders
  8. Account history: сlosed trades
  9. Market watch detailed
  10. All about charts
  11. Chart window properties
  12. Indicators and scripts


  1. Background: Early digital currencies (1980-2009)
  2. Evolution of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  3. The future of digital currencies and Blockchain
  4. Background: The concept of owning a digital currency
  5. What are “wallets,” and how do they work?
  6. Backups & offline storage: why is it important? How to do it?
  7. Mobile security: How to safely protect your mobile wallet?
  8. Types of cryptocurrencies
  9. What is Bitcoin?
  10. The history of Bitcoin
  11. Ways to use Bitcoin besides investing
  12. How to invest in Bitcoin?
  13. What are the risks involved in Bitcoin trading?
  14. How to buy Bitcoin?
  15. Why accept Bitcoin?
  16. What are the risks involved in using Bitcoin?
  17. How to accept Bitcoin for services or goods?
  18. Outlook on taxation, accounting, and legalities

For experienced traders who understand technical analysis, risk management, and psychology but simultaneously make chronic mistakes. For those who are tired of marking time, ready to work on themselves, and need a breakthrough.

  • Find the causes of your failures in the market and ways to eliminate them immediately.
  • Stop blaming the market for your losses and finally start to control your trading.
  • Get rid of the chronic trading mistakes.
  • Plan your professional development for months ahead and analyse all your competencies.
  • Create an accurate step-by-step plan for your further education.
  • Understand what causes your failures and instability in trading and how to fix it.
  • Fundamental and practical knowledge about crypto trading.
  • Ready-made strategies for short-term, medium-term, and position trading.
  • Effective risk management and position management skills.
  • Graphics of interesting coins worked out with teachers.
  • Convenient tools for trading and maintaining the history of your transactions.
  • Confidence in your decisions and the ability to analyse mistakes.
  • Access to a closed group of analysts for daily insights and discussion.

Stock Market

  1. Stock market. Introduction
  2. Can stock charts predict the future and trading systems?
  3. Support and resistance levels
  4. How to identify the market direction? Part 1
  5. How to identify the market direction? Part 2
  6. Chart patterns. Introduction
  7. Chart patterns: symmetrical triangles
  8. Chart patterns: symmetrical triangles trading strategy
  9. Chart patterns: flags and pennants
  10. Chart patterns: flags and pennants trading strategy
  11. Chart patterns: ascending triangles
  12. Chart patterns: ascending triangles trading strategy
  13. Volumes and trends


Advanced Stock Market Trading. Level 1

  1. Market indicators
  2. Trading methodology
  3. Round numbers
  4. Setting up a trade
  5. Technical analysis for professional traders
  6. Practical technical analysis
  7. Trading psychology
  8. Risk & position management
  9. Picking stocks & analysing economic data
  10. Intra-day trading
  11. Trading arbitrage
  12. Trading preparation & sectors

Advanced Stock Market Trading. Level 2

  1. Trading small caps
  2. Identifying institutional tactics and copying them
  3. Using hotkeys
  4. Advanced use of time & sale
  5. Manage “watch lists”
  6. The fixed quantities paradox
  7. Identifying “trade traps”
  8. The “20-20” method: How do experts read the chart?
  9. How to trade using failure patterns?
  10. Using NRB and WRB candles
  11. Trading IPOs, day trading, and swing trading


Advanced Trading Tools and Techniques

  1. Introduction to MT5
  2. Forex market basics and trading examples
  3. Commodities market basics and trading examples
  4. Trading global indices 
  5. Market news trading technique
  6. Trend trading


Top Trader

  1. Advanced trading and technical analysis
  2. Advanced stock trading strategies: the trailing stop
  3. Pivot points in stock trading
  4. Trade according to Game Theory
  5. Practice VWAP strategies
  6. Trade management

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