Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

The partnership that inspires.
The knowledge that conquers.

We at Skill Genic firmly believe that everyone can become a successful trader. The main thing (as always) is the desire and the opportunity to discover the best education.

Our mentors share practical experience and trading tools to ensure that first-class training is accessible and understandable to every student, regardless of their level of skills.

Therefore, we invite you to become a reliable partner of our Affiliate Program, promoting Skill Genic courses on your platforms and earning high commissions simultaneously.

Why Skill Genic Affiliate Program?

Everything ingenious is simple. The same goes for our Affiliate Program — you just need to apply to start it!

The partnership is at the heart of everything we do. Our students and mentors form a friendly community where there is always a place for support and professionalism. We are also generous with those who respect and promote us; thus, we offer up to 40% commission!

We do not set income limits for our partners — your earnings depend only on you. The more you boost your users to follow the affiliate links, the higher your revenue is.

Our Affiliate Program also allows you to attract a new audience interested in your content. Helping each other, we develop our products. Partnership with Skill Genic inspires and makes you progress.

Scale is what we are so proud of in our training. Skill Genic’s mission is to make quality trading education accessible to students from every corner of the planet. Let’s provide users with the best trading learning experience!

Let’s talk in detail…

First of all, you apply to participate in the Affiliate Program. Second, we design promotional materials for you, and you create affiliate links. Next, you introduce your users and subscribers to Skill Genic products.

At that time, you publish content (posts, videos, etc.) using these affiliate links. The next step is when your users follow affiliate links and buy training materials from Skill Genic. And for dessert, you get up to 40% commission by crediting transactions to your affiliate account!

Moreover, please be aware that we provide your audience with personalised discounts on trading courses. The great news is that income is all up to you; the more you promote the benefits of Skill Genic, the more generous your commission is. And yes, joining the Skill Genic Affiliate Program is free!

Who will benefit from the Skill Genic Affiliate Program?

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