Every community’s future is capturing its people’s passion, imagination, and resources.

They are called “Guides to the world of trading” for a reason! Thanks to their vast experience in this area and built-in ambition, they share with students the necessary knowledge and irreplaceable practical advice.

We create our training programs so that a person with different levels of expertise (from a beginner to an experienced trader) can take everything and even more from Skill Genic education.

Our team motto sounds like

“The greatest achievements are those that benefit others.”

With us, you will:

Our team


Making major corporate decisions, managing a company’s overall operations, delegating and directing agendas, driving profitability, managing company organisational structure and strategy, and communicating as the company’s public face.


Organising meetings, company events, and conferences, managing databases, dealing with correspondence, complaints, and queries, and preparing letters, presentations, and reports.


Writing, editing, and proofreading content, formulating a cross-platform content strategy, brainstorming with team members to develop new ideas, and providing editorial, creative and technical support to team members.


Preparing and maintaining critical financial reports and tax returns, ensuring that taxes are paid correctly and on time, evaluating financial operations to recommend best practices, identifying issues, and strategizing solutions.


Responding to customer queries promptly and accurately via phone and email, identifying customer needs, and helping customers use specific features.

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Our mentors are constantly improving their skills:

TradeTech FX: The Biggest Buy Side FX Conference

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The Psychology of Trading: Secrets for Success Seminar

When retail traders start, they spend a lot of time researching “stuff.” They surf the internet, watch...

How to Set and Achieve Your Trading Goals Seminar

Having clear goals is an essential part of life. They give us something specific to aim for and a...

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